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Welcome my goal is to make great music that comes from reality what I write and create comes from me living day by day recording my ups and downs on this journey hoping I can touch someone who can relate

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Trae The Truth "Tha Truth" Album Review 

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" that's a verse from the Holy Bible John 8:32 in the mist of all the Meek and Drake beef fans are split down the middle some fans don't care about the truth and others do. As fans dig to get to the bottom of these allegations they fail to realize that the truth is right in front of them. Trae Tha Truth is a Houston Base rapper from the rap group "Screwed Up Click" who is now signed with Atlanta rapper TI. The intro to this album is great it starts with a plead call for Trae Tha Truth to give the people the truth that nobody is speaking for the streets any more not the dumb shit with blacks killing blacks and robbing and stealing but the "streets, streets, the struggle"  My favorite line from this intro is "Fuck im gonna dance for???? I gotta pay my got damn rent im struggling" lol  that's great shit. This album is great all the way though its hard to pick  tracks that really stick out because they all are great really, one down fall that really didn't hurt the album at all is he had too many features but every guest artist on this album fit well and brought something special to the track. J cole, Lil Boosie, Deja Loaf, Rick Ross, Nipsey Hustle, Rich Homie Quan, are some of the artist featured on the album notice I said some because their is more. The production on the album is really smooth and layed back quiet  soulful sound mixed with that hard Houston drum loops Trae himself comes with more of a story telling flow on most songs that kinda remind you of some old Scarface. Its nice to hear a rapper with a deeper register in today's game full of high pitch singy rappy tones its kinda refreshing. Overall I give this album a 6.5 out of 10 its pretty solid and listenable all the way though whether  you riding or just at work passing time.

Drake VS Meek Mill 

After selling 200,000 his first week Philly Rapper Meek Millz went on a twitter rant about being compared to Drake. Drake was featured on Meek sophomore album "Dreams Worth More Than Money" performing the verse and the hook on the song titled " Rico". I think what really heated this beef is the fact that their was talk of Drake out shining or "Killed" Meek on his own track which lead Meek to fire back reveling that Drake did not write the verse for the song his hired Ghostwriter Quentin Miller did. Quentin Miller is an Atlanta GA base Independent Hip hop Artist who was discovered and hired by Drake for allegedly 5,000 a month which is about 60,000 a year before taxes. In other genres such as pop, country, r&b having song writers are the norm but which the competitive nature of hip hop full of shit talking and bragging, claiming king has its rules every artist must be held by. You cant claim to be the best in the industry when you don't write your own lyrics. so what do you think has the game changed? can Drake still claim king when he has a team of writers behind him while he chilling somewhere smashing strippers (Jhonnie Blaze) lol Ok that was a low blow im sure that will pop up in Meek millz diss track somewhere and speaking of Meeks diss track Drake has dropped 3  one titled "Charged Up" which was just a 16 bar verse the second was "Uncharged" featuring battle rapper Daylyt which  I dont count because Drake hardly said shit and the last is "Back to Back"  which to me is the real official one but was still weak. Meek had the world on its feet waiting for a Come back Diss track hot 97's Funk Master Flex soild Apps and had people tuned in to only find a flop to me Meek missed his chance to be a rap GOD that night if he would have killed Drake the people are only going to wait so long before this is all just water under the bridge. I understand rap beef I been in plenty of battles face to face and on wax its a chess game if you throw your flamer out their first and it goes cold and your rival drops his and its fire your consider done Jay z can testify to that after either he was trying to play catch up. However this plays out I love rap battles and I love change in position I would love to see Meek come up from this battle from a 6 million rapper to a 20 million rapper.

No Chill

by Shawn Finesse

everything taken away Shawn reached that point but instead of being humble he wanted to go take everything back by force in which the name "No Chill" arrived. Download the entire EP here

Download the new EP "No Chill" below click the ITunes icon

Shawn Finesse new EP titled "No Chill" is available on ITunes now click link below to purchase thank you for your support.
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